Radio Tonkuhle – 8. August 2020

DJ Mibor – Everybody Loves My Baby
C@ in the H@, The Electric Swing Circus – Empires (C@ in the H@ Remix)
Gavin Luke – Ain’t No Thing But To Swing 1
Wolfgang Lohr, The Swinghoppers – Party Like Its 1920
DelaDap, Melinda Stoika, Wolfgang Lohr – Make Swing Great Again feat. Melinda Stoika
Dreams Shadow – Born Swing
Odd Chap – The Little Man Who Wasn’t There
Lisa Williams – Junk (Electro Swing Club Mix)
Wolfgang Lohr – Diaborra
Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance No.5 (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
Alanna Lyes, LVDS – Am I Real feat. Alanna Lyes
Johnny Lectro – Who’s That
Parov Stelar – Soul Fever Blues feat. Muddy Waters
Atom Smith, Elliot Deutsch – Comin’ Up Swinging
Cuphead – Dramatic Fanatic (Peggy Suave Remix)
DJ Mibor – Orange Juice
Yabloko Moloko – Shadow Dancer
Klischee, Brass Department – Welcome to the Brass Department (Klischée Remix)